South Burlington, Vermont

The City of South Burlington wraps it arms around the east and south sides Burlington; Vermont’s largest metropolitan city. If you aren’t paying attention, you will miss where one city ends and the other begins. The housing density is much greater as one moves closer to Burlington, with South Burlington boasting a population of at least 16,500 citizens! Quite a jump from the towns of Shelburne and Charlotte which are located in the southwestern part of Chittenden County.

South Burlington is regionally noted for its hospitality and retail businesses as it is home of the Sheraton Conference Center, Double Tree Conference Center and the University Mall - to name but a few. Due to South Burlington’s reception to local business, the town boasts superior parks and recreational facilities as well as an excellent public school system. The Burlington International Airport is also located in the town of South Burlington.

South Burlington is the perfect town in which to settle if your family wants high end suburbia neighborhoods and close proximity to chain store shopping, entertainment and restaurants.

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